Hello, my name is Cindy, I am married and mom of two wonderful girls who go to elementary school.

I am a medical technologist in a Montreal hospital and I am a fan of leggings haha. Leggings are really great, but I need a long shirt to feel comfortable and with my  5'9 height, the options in Quebec stores are rather limited. This reflection, and a lot of research !, led me to start Jolie & Cosy.

I want to offer Quebec and Canadian women the option of being pretty and comfortable in all of their daily activities. The modern woman runs all week between work, children and all the responsibilities, and I think that this crazy race should at least happen in comfort!

Please note that all the pants worn by the mannequin come from my personal wardrobe. They mostly come from Sweetlegs (a Canadian company) and Leggings Depot (American company).